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Joy Odyssey is the alter ego of grammy winning producer Illangelo. 

Next to producing beats for The Weeknd, Drake and Post Malone, Canadian producer Carlo Montagnese started venturing into new waters with Joy Odyssey, a dance music project influenced by natural psychedelia.

Our Involvement

For Joy Odysseys debut show at Afterlife in Miami we produced three animated visuals influenced by modern psychedelia. Sadly, due to circumstances these visuals were in the end not displayed on Afterlife itself.

Experiments throughout our process

Noise Waves

Experimenting with spheres that are manipulated in size and height by randomized images, also known as noise maps. This visual was ultimately used in combination with a mandelbulb animation.

Bioluminescent fungi

Inspired by bioluminescence and the forest, where a lot of natural psychedelia can occur, these mushrooms are transparent, but light up around their edges. This visual ultimately inspired the main visual of the mushroom forest.

Glass tendrils

Inspired by the pelagic zone in the ocean, where creatures such as the anglerfish can be found. 

Dispersion Crystals

Dispersion is a phenomenon which causes colors to refract at different wavelengths, splitting light into different colors. This can be a beautiful natural phenomenon which is why we wanted to experiment with this for Joy Odysseys visuals as well. 

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