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Seeing is Believing

Launching a record label together with Curbi

After millions of streams and releases on Monstercat, Spinnin Records and STMPD Records, UK-based DJ and producer Curbi decided to launch his own record label called Seeing is Believing. 

By combining the music of new talents in the industry with bold visuals, Seeing is Believing is determined to launch a new experience in the bass house scene.

Our involvement

Our involvement with Seeing is Believing extends to nearly every visual expression of the label. We designed the logo, the album covers, the posters and even the animations. 

Website animation as part of the launch of Seeing is Believing during Amsterdam Dance Event 2022.

Logo Design Process

Logo design, and artworks “SIB001”, “SIB005” and “SIB007” in collaboration with Kyubanme.

Artwork “SIB008” in collaboration with Fé Hennequin.

Artwork “SIB015” in collaboration with Fé Hennequin and Jenn van Bladel.

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